PsyClinic is now Online TelePsychiatry exclusive

PsyClinic is now TelePsychiatry exclusive.

To keep up with changing times and altering patient requirements, PsyClinic is now Online TelePsychiatry exclusive.

Online TelePsychiatry Consultations are Safe, Affordable & Discrete.

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Updates in Manolokam

The website Manolokam gets updated with new articles.

Manolokam is a curated collection of articles as originally written by Dr. Cijo Alex MD

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TelePsy Launched

TelePsy, a specialty tele medicine clinic using WhatsApp, Zoom and Skype has been launched with pan India service.

To know more, WhatsApp message us at 87518 12345.

PsyClinic, Pala to resume functioning by 4th of June 2020

PsyClinic, Pala is scheduled to resume functioning by 4th of June 2020 - Thursday

As usual, consultations will be available on every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 5.00 PM to 8.00 PM

For appointments, please contact on WhatsApp number - 87518 12345

Manolokam : A collection of articles by Dr. Cijo Alex

Manolokam is a collection of articles as originally composed by Dr. Cijo Alex, and published across various print - online media.

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Frequently asked questions - Q & A

1. Who is a Psychiatrist ? 

A Psychiatrist is a medical doctor specialized in the diagnosis and management of mental, behavioral and emotional problems. A Psychiatrist holds a basic degree in Medicine  (MBBS), in addition to a Post Graduate Degree (MD or DNB) or Post Graduate Diploma (DPM) in Psychiatry.

2. Who is a Psychologist ?

A psychologist is a non-medical professional involved in mental health care. Psychologists usually hold a degree (BSc) and a post-graduation in Psychology (MSc). They are trained in psychotherapy or counselling as a treatment for mental problems, marital conflicts, interpersonal issues etc.

3. What is the difference between a Psychiatrist and Psychologist?

Psychiatrist is a medical doctor while Psychologist is a non-medical Professional. Because psychologists and psychiatrists often work together, their job descriptions overlap. Psychiatrists are trained medical doctors, and may prescribe medications. They are also trained to diagnose and treat medical conditions that may be causing psychiatric manifestations. Psychologists focus extensively on psychotherapy or counselling, and treatment of emotional and mental suffering in with talk therapies. 

4. Are all psychiatric medications sedatives / causing sleep ?

No. While some psychiatric medications are sedatives or causing sleep, some others are stimulants. The choice is usually made as per clinical discretion. Thus, if a patient has reduced sleep, a sedative drug may be given, and vice versa, based on individual choice and patient profile.

5. Are all psychiatric medications addictive / causing dependence ?

No. It is a common misconception that all psychiatric medications are dependence producing or addictive. 

6. Will all psychiatric medications make me fat / gain weight ?

No. While some psychiatric medications can cause weight gain, many others are weight neutral or can even help in weight loss. The choice of medication is based on clinical discretion and patient profile. 

7. Do I need to continue medications for life long once I start treatment ?

No. The duration of treatment depends upon patient profile. While some serious conditions may require life long or long term medications, most minor conditions require only short term medications. 


Disclaimer : The information provided here is for general information purpose only, and is not intended to replace professional medical advice. Please contact your psychiatrist for any further information or clarifications. 

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